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The Day You Were Married Certificates are the perfect gift for someone who is celebrating their wedding anniversary, whether it be a milestone anniversary, or one in between.

Gifted Memories is famous for their 'Day You Were Married' certificates, having researched and created these memorable birthday certificates for the past 8 years. They are constantly updated with new information, and new designs are sourced regularly.

All wedding certificates have been extensively researched for as much Australian (or British) information as possible, and are individually created and personalised, and print out slightly smaller than A4. The certificate is emailed to you as a .pdf, for you to print out as many times as you like (and just as a hint, glossy photo paper makes the end result look pretty amazing!). 

These certificates are personalised with the recipient's name and date of birth, and a choice of Australian or British information can be displayed.

These certificates detail the following.....

News and events

Approximately 8 - 12 lines including news of the month, Prime Minister, population, inventions of the year, and sometimes the fashions of the year.

Please note that as much as possible, the news and events will avoid morbid topics such as murders and deaths, but if they are considered highly relevent, they will be included (but not in childrens certificates)

Sporting results

Approximately 5 - 6 lines of sporting results from the year, including AFL and NRL, tennis, cricket, Melbourne Cup and more.

Academy award winning movies and stars


10 songs and artists that made it big that year

Famous Birthdays

5 famous birthdays from that date.

Cost of Living Comparison

The cost of living comparison between then and now, including wage, car, house and more (Cost of Living comparisons differ between UK and Australia.)  Please note that this is a comparison between the years, so is measured in current day currencies to provide a comparison that is easily understandable.

A unique gift that serves as a special keepsake for many years to come.





Oh. My. Goodness. This is the best gift I will ever give to someone it is incredible. The details are so specific and facts the couple will absolutely love reading. 




Aside from my junk inbox drama you have done an amazing job and are fantastic to work with Jane. Thank you so so much I will be using you again in future. 




Please feel free to use this as a testimony on your website or FB or anywhere you like. 




Cheers keep doing what you do


Shannon Paget


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