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One of our most popular products, the Gifted Memories 'Day You Were Born' package features our famous Day You Were Born certificate, along with two (or more) others.  These extra two certificates can tell what life was like on two other birthdays of the same person, so not only will they relive the year they were born, but also perhaps they year they turned 21 and 50, or 10 and 40, the choice is yours.

With a choice of more than a dozen different certificate designs, you will find one to suit all occasions. Perhaps the 'Baby Girl' for her birth, 'Golden Champagne' for her 21st, and 'Old Rose' for her 50th.

Your certificates are emailed within 2 business days and arrive to you in .pdf format. Please be sure to add Gifted Memories to your 'safe sender' list to ensure they don't end up in your junk mail box.

For the best effect print out your slightly smaller than A4 sized certificates on to glossy photo paper...they will look a professional product for a very inexpensive price.

Our 'Day You Were Born' certificates contain the following information...

Your name, day and date of birth
Star sign and Birth Stone
Australian Prime Minister
News and Events of the year, usually featuring the population
Sporting results
Famous birthdays from that day
music and movies from that year
Cost of Living comparison

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