Coat of Arms and Family Origin

Coat of Arms and Family crests are a special part of your family history. If your family originates from England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and most parts of Europe, there is a very good chance that your family name was issued with a coat of arms.

Coat of Arms were given to a family name to help identify a person when in battle. This coat of arms was emblazoned on their shield and became a part of their legacy.  And even though the coat of arms may have been given to, for example, the first Jones family, many Jones families after that were given either slightly different coat of arms, or sometimes completely different. The coat of arms was issued to a family and not just the name.  Some names can have in excess of 100 COA's associated with them.

Coat of arms often featured something that distinguished that person, or could have also featured a symbol that showed their descent from another name. The symbols on Coat of Arms also have  meaning, and also flora, fauna, buildings, armour, humans, objects of military, celestial beings, crowns, helmets and more.  They also use tinctures and furs.  Each object and colour has a different meaning.

I love researching and creating coat of arms, and I have access to the major armory guides and manuals, including Riestap's General Armorial, and the General Armorial of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. I can create the coat of arms and family crests from scratch, as long as I have a description written in the language they used to create them.

If you think that your name is a little unusual and are unsure if I would have it, please feel free to email me with your requested name and I can let you know if it is available. Some names may take a little longer than others to research, and if you do not know your coat of arms, I will issue you with the oldest on record for your country of origin.

To take your quest just that little further, we can also provide information on your names origin, and even include earliest known recordings of that name in places like birth registries and electoral rolls.

For the perfect gift for someone who has everything, or for a person who loves family history, our Coat Of Arms and Name Origins will be well received.

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