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Your Family Name Origin is printed on to glossy photo paper and then laminated to keep it safe from tears, spills and bending. It measures slightly smaller than A4 in size.

Naming was born when there was found to be a need to distinguish between people, especially when it came to tax records. Originally the most common surnames seemed to derive from (sometimes unflattering) nicknames that were to do with a persons appearance or occupation, such as Blacksmith, Mason or Bald. Later they became baptismal or locational, such as Hill or Knoll.

These Name Origin certificates will have any variations on the name being researched (eg - Brown, Browne), the meaning of the name, some of the earliest recordings of the name, the dates and where they were recorded, and also the country (and sometimes town) of origin. There is also possibly a brief description of the Coat Of Arms, and a history of naming.

This laminated certificate ships within 1 business day.

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