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For a gift that is a little bit different, why not consider a Coat of Arms and Family Name Origin?

Coat of Arms began as a hereditary design in England in the twelfth century. Initially it arose as a means of identification on the battlefield, but as time went on it evolved into a status symbol. In later times, it was more those with 'blue blood' and upper classes that bore arms. Coat of Arms were given to families, rather than names, and for that reason there may be several shields per name, and this can also be dependant on the country of origin.

There are over 1 million Coat of Arms in my database and all our coats of arms come with an authenticity stamp. This means you can actually check to see which historical book they were taken from. Please be aware that others offering Coat of Arms may not have this authenticity stamp. Understand also that sometimes many coat of arms were issued to a name.  Gifted Memories will supply you with the oldest known coat of arms, unless otherwise requested.

Compared to other surname histories you will get an in depth look into the surname history, and not just a few words. It may include variations on the name (e.g. Brown, Browne), first known recordings of that name including the date and where it was recorded, how the name originated (locational, baptismal etc), sometimes several early examples and recordings of the name and how family names originated. It may also include a description of the Coat of Arms, meanings of the colours associated with it and what the coat of arms symbols represent.

Gifted Memories' Family Name Origin and Coat of Arms are printed on a high quality colour photographic paper, meaning your professional coat of arms are clear and precise, and whether you choose the framing option or laminating, are well protected from damage.

NEW - you can now also choose to add the family crest to your Coat Of Arms.What is a crest on heraldry?  The crest is a figure or device  placed on a wreath, coronet, or chapeau, and placed above the helmet in a coat of arms. It is also usually used on items when engraving a family coat of arms is too detailed, such as on cutlery, napkins, pen's etc.

Please be sure to check if your coat of arms is available on my database before placing your order by clicking on the link below. If your name is not listed, I may still be able to obtain it. I have access to the highly-regarded books on armoury, and love to research names that I do not have.

As some names do need more research, time between ordering and dispatch may be up to two business days.

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