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Your emailed Double Coat of Arms feature two brilliantly coloured shields on an open-book, parchment-look design that prints out slightly smaller than A4 in size.

There are over 1 million Coat of Arms in my database and all our coats of arms come with an authenticity stamp. This means you can actually check to see which historical book they were taken from. Please be aware that others offering Coat of Arms may not have this authenticity stamp. Understand also that sometimes there were many different coat of arms issued to a name.  At Gifted Memories we will send you the oldest Coat Of Arms for that name that we can find, unless otherwise requested.

You can also choose to add the crest to your family coat of arms.  The crest is the picture that appears above the helmet, and carries with it different meanings.

The double coat of arms features the two coat of arms of your choice, generally the coat of arms of a husband and wife. It includes a banner which specifies the country of origin of the name, and a banner with each name above their coat of arms.

As some names need more research that others, please be aware that time from ordering to emailing may be up to 2 business days.

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